Thursday, April 1, 2010

4-1-10 April Fools ha ha ha ha ha

Today Americans everywhere celebrate April Fool's day. It is a day where unsuspecting victims get tricked into believing a lie. Did you hear Obama's April fool's joke? He said he was actually going to do something about our oil dependence. He got me good.

Following multiple allegations of infidelity, Jesse James is seeking therapy. His therapist is trying to cure him of douche.

Sales of Toyota recalled models increased by 48% in March thanks to incentives offered by Toyota. Now, if you purchase a Toyota, it comes with standard ambulance service.

The US navy captured and detained 3 Somali pirates in Kenya after and exchange of fire. The giant parrot on the pirate's shoulder was not injured in this incident.

The federal government has finally established the rules that will limit gas emissions. This plan will be known as the Sarah Palin because it will limit the amount of hot air that that can be released on the air.

A top Vatican official, Cardinal William J. Levada has come to the defense of Pope Benedict amid allegations that he covered child abuse inside the church. Borrowing from Las Vegas he said,"what happens in the church stays in the church."

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has another sex-related scandal on their hand. It turns out that they sent a fundraising letter to potential donors but included a wrong phone number. When donors called, they got a live caller with a "nasty girl". Those that didn't hang up got to speak with Ann Coulter.

A handful of protesters gathered outside Times Square in New York to demand that clown Ronald McDonald retire in response to an epidemic in childhood obesity. McDonald executives responded that the real culprit of the obesity problem is the McParents.

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