Monday, April 19, 2010


In Europe, about 8 million passengers have been left stranded as airlines have shut down due to a lingering, dark cloud that, so far, has affected the European economy to the tune of $2 billion. Of course, I'm talking about Greece.

An earthquake in Northern Afghanistan has injured more than 70 and has killed 7 people. This is the first time that the Taliban has been shaken up in several years.

A recent survey from the Pew Research Center found that 80% of Americans don't trust Washington. The other 20% is comprised of Washington.

Actress Christina Applegate is engaged to Porno for Pyro's Martyn Lenoble, at least that what Jane says.

The Rolling Stones will release an unheard single, "Plundered my soul". It's been out for a while. They just can't hear it any more.

In Inglewood California, a man was fatally shot by police inside the City Farm Market after he lunged at police with an axe. Police are withholding his identity but I'm betting it's "Jason".

The next topic is a thing. Can I buy a vowel? I'd like to buy another vowel. I'd like to solve the puzzle Pat : "EYJAFJALLAJOKULL"(The name of the Volcano that is causing airline delays in Europe)

Five airlines have commited to not charging extra for carry-on baggage. This is good news for anyone travelling with Oprah.

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