Wednesday, April 14, 2010


In Somalia, 14 radio stations have stopped playing music after an Islamist insurgent group made threats of harm to them if they played music. The stations have replaced the music with noise and sounds so Lady Gaga will still be played.

A 6.9 earthquake has rattled China killing 67 people. Pat Robertson claims God is punishing them for Jackie Chan movies.

Inside a trash bin, a Cal State Stanislous student found the contract that set the terms of Sarah Palin's speaking assignment. Also found in the dumpster was her credibility.

Steven Seagul action hero and star of the reality show Steven Seagul Lawman, is being sued for sexual harassment. It was all a misunderstanding. He squints like that all the time.

Michelle Obama made a trip to Haiti this tuesday. When she got lost in the crowd it looked like a scene of where is Waldo?

In England officials want to ban the word "obese" to refer to over weight people.They prefer the term "unhealthy weight". There's a fat chance this will make a difference.

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