Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Replacing my glasses at a Vietnamese Store yesterday

Is this story an example of subtle racism? I don't know. I'll let the reader decide. This incident made me laugh once I reflected on what had occured. Last week my glasses broke. They were left on the floor while I played basketball with ex- coworkers. The ball went out of bounds and my glasses broke. This was not the first time they broke. They were being held with crazy glue and imagination. I looked like a psycho engineer as one of the lenses had some white crap on it from the hardening of the crazy glue. Bottom line: It was time for a new pair. Next dilemma - where should I go? Answer: The cheapest place possible. I search Craigslist and I find "Nina's Optical". She is in Fountain Valley and I'm in Anaheim. I'm in.
I walk in and I'm greeted by an older Vietnamese lady. I lay down my glasses. She picks up the glasses, takes out the lenses and puts them in another frame and puts the glasses on my face. She took charge. She never asked what I wanted or even why I was there. I felt like the Karate Kid being molded by Mr. Miyagi. Later she shows me frames that are similar. I decided on a frame that was a little more expensive. That's when she told me the following:
"these glasses are very gooood. you know these glasses are are popular in jail! you know why? (then she turns the frame over so that I can see the side view) because there is no metal see! You can't make weapons!
I was sold. I've never been to jail but if I do, I can be assured that the warden will be cool with the glasses. Nina doesn't even know it but she made me laugh so much that I'm plugging her company on my blog:
17431 Brookhurst ST #C
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

P.S Don't forget to ask for the prison frames

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  1. Ha! You should have told her you'd look her up when you got out! :)

    I broke my glasses back in June and used tape and coil wire to hold them the frame together until I was able to replace them!