Friday, April 16, 2010


Quentin Tarantino says he wants to cast Lindsey Lohan in his next film. The movie will have lots of sex, drugs, partying, and fights and that's just the footage of the paparazzis.

Reports of mysterious fireballs in the sky were reported in several midwest states. It turns out Jerry Lee Lewis predicted this phenomena in 1957 when he said,"Goodness gracious great balls of fire."

On Thursday a Federal judge struck down a federal statute that allowed for the National day of prayer, ruling that that it violates the constitution's ban on government backed religion. This was a victory for secular thinkers and atheists who aren't sure who to thank.

Hollywood star Bruce Willis is introducing a new fragrance line. He said that what makes his cologne different than his competitors is that it appeals to the sixth sense.

April 15 is tax day and Tea Party members are having tax protests throughout the country. Opponents of the tea party are having a counter protest at the Boston Harbor where they will dump Tea Party members overboard.

President Obama said he is committed to space exploration and plans on sending a manned mission to Mars by 2030. Republicans are opposing him creating a war of the worlds.

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