Sunday, April 4, 2010


Whenever I have trouble sleeping, I just close my eyes and count iPad customers.

The Obama administration will have an Easter Egg hunt at the white house. The rules are simple. All kids will have equal access to seek the eggs but if one kid gets alot of eggs, that kid needs to redistribute the extra eggs to those without eggs.

Actor Kal Penn is heading back to Hollywood and leaving the world of politics; having worked in the white house for 9 months as an associate director of public engagement. He said that being surrounded by politicians made him realize how much he needs to sharpen his acting skills.

As a result of the fallout regarding Jesse Jame's infidelity, Sandra Bullock has has decided to kick him out of the house. A photographer spoted a woman with tattoos and a Nazi helmet helping Jesse move a sofa inside a van.

In San Francisco, hundred of drug cases have been dismissed amid reports that Deborah Jean Madden, a lab technician working inside the police department ,was stealing the cocaine and using it for personal use. Police began to get suspicious when she finished her work 3 months in advance.

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