Thursday, April 8, 2010


A new Nike commercial features Tiger Wooods invloved in a deep stare saying nothing as an audio clip of his late father asks him several questions. In this commercial he is finally being truthful. The proof? His lips aren't moving.

There was a tense moment inside a United Airlines jet after a Qatari diplomat man tried to smoke a cigarette in the bathroom. He joked to an undercover marshall that he was lighting his shoes. This caused fighter jets to escort the plane. Later it was discovered the man was only joking. Not learning his lesson his follow up joke was: "do you guys hear that ticking sound in my chest?"

Winona Ryder is attempting to make a comeback by appearing in a Ron Howard comedy. Jennifer Aniston was supposed to have that role but it was quickly stolen by Winona.

Archbishop Gomez will succeed Cardinal Roger M. Mahony and become the first Mexican Cardinal to lead the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. His influence can already be felt. He will exchange the pointed head gear for a sombrero.

There is a program called Puppies Behind Bars that helps War veterans deal with post traumatic stress disorder by having man's best friend act as a companion. Prisoners train the dogs and then hand them over to a Veteran. The program had unintended consequences as many dogs developed stress disorders because the jail reminded them of of the kennel where they came from.

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