Wednesday, April 28, 2010


In Moscow, madness errupted after the Ukrainian parliament extended Russia's naval base. To express their anger,opponents threw eggs at law makers. It went well with the vodka they had that morning.

Law enforcements in Oregon have told Reed College president, Colin Diver, that he must crack down on drug use in that campus after a student overdosed and died. Following the announcement of the crackdown, students belonging to Delta Alpha Leary have tuned out completely.

Ex UFC champion Tito Ortiz has been arrested for beating up his girlfriend, porn star, Jenna Jameson. She said he is the biggest dick she's ever met- and she should know.

A Delta flight from France to Atlanta had to be diverted after a passenger claimed that he had a bomb on him and false i.d. The "baloon boy dad" said he meant no harm. He's just looking for a reality show.

Kathy Griffin has aired her Pap smear on her D list show. She said she did that to inspire women to get tested for cervical cancer. That show had a different effect, it inspired James Cameron to write a sequel to Aliens.

Human Watch, a human rights group has a detail report alleging torture of prisoners at a secret Iraqi prison. According to the prisoners, they were subjected to continuous episodes of the Tyra Banks Show.


  1. Tyra Banks would make me talk.
    Great line

  2. True but you'd be saying, "shut up!". There are very few people more annoying than her on t.v