Monday, April 12, 2010


A former middle school math teacher, Stephanie Ragusa, has pleaded guilty to having sex with two students. So if a teacher has sex with two students and each student has two parents, and they call one police department, how many days will she serve if she gets 10 years of prison time?

A study published in the May issue of "Pediatrics" claims that children who were spanked at age 3 turn aggressive by the time they turn 5. In an apparent paradox, getting spanked as adults has an opposite effect.

Conan O'Brien is moving his late night show to TBS and will be the lead in for the George Lopez. Show. The staff of both celebrated this union by serving potatoes and tequila.

Susan Boyle said that she is single but expects that her"prince" will come. She should kiss Kermit the Frog and see what happens.

At Johns Hopkins Medical School, scientists are taking a look at using psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient found in some mushrooms, for medical purposes. The research was going well until one scientist believed that his yellow submarine was sunk by Yoda and Papa Smurf.

In an effort to make airline food less bland, several airlines will offer more food options for travelers. The Customers' most requested dish is the "Just make sure my bags arrive sandwich"

Europeans are urging the U.S to consider using trash as an energy source. For example, in Denmark they use trash and convert it to electricity. In America we convert trash into reality stars.

KFC is introducing a new sanwich aptly named "the double down". It has two chicken fillets taking the place of bread slices. The combo comes with a double bypass.

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