Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Uptown Kabob (a poem remember them?)

In uptown Whittier,CA there is a Lebanese restaurant named Uptown Kabob. It is ran by some short, middle-eastern man with bushy eyebrows and his wife who looks like her name could be Olga. He never smiles and neither does she."You know, later tonight we have belly dancers...maybe you invite your friends." He tells me. " I don't have friends only enemies," I tell him only half jesting. "You know you are correct! My son tell me he has friends. I tell him,you know, in many years you will know who your friends are. Not everyone is your friend!" I respect and admire his paranoia. It makes my hummus taste that much better. I attempt to eat the rest of my food but this foreigner continues his rant about trust,loyalty,and friendship. I explain to the man that I am reading a book about the Mexican mafia and he tells me that all mafias are the same-even Armenian and Russian mafias. Now I regret speaking to him. I long for silence while I finish my lula kabob. I take a big gulp of cold water. The food was fantastic. I can still taste the onions underneath my breath.

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