Friday, April 30, 2010


Kid Rock is scheduled to host the CMT Awards (Country Music Television) unless his girl leaves him,someone kills his dog,or his truck breaks down.

On Thursday, the House approved legislation that may make it possible for Puerto Rico to become our 51st state or they can opt for their own statehood. Isn't that Spanish Harlem?

Have you heard of the Dallas Maverick Maneuver? It's like the Heimlich Maneuver, except you keep choking over and over again followed by a period of hope. The process repeats itself.

Legislators in Hawaii have approved a civil union bill that will allow same sex couples the same rights as married couples. In otherwords, misery is now an equal opportunity partner.

Lindsey Lohan is creating a stir for a controversial photo that shows her posing with a gun in her mouth. Immediately after that photo shoot, the gun had to get detoxed.


  1. kid rock's girl did leave him, after she gave him hep C, his lap dog (Joe C) has been dead for years...I don't know about his truck.
    good stuff. I'd watch yer show.

  2. Thanx. I thought your posting on hipsters was right on but I bet you the hipsters in your neck of the woods aren't as phony as the ones in Los Feliz, near Hollywood. Oh man it's so bad. I'll drive by sunset blvd looking at them trying so hard to look "ironic". What sux is that the "echo park" area in L.A used to be cool but now you have so many wanna be hollywood types.

  3. Hahaha...Kid Rock is so wrong. Funny fella you are. I reckon I'll do the follow thing, as you have done mine. Thanks BTW