Friday, April 23, 2010


President Obama got applause from main street for talking tough to wall street but until anything actually gets done, we're stuck in sesame street.

A report by the Inspector General states that dozens of Securty Exchange Commission staffers surfed porn sites on work computers. The most watched film was Debbie Does Wall Street.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell stormed out of an ABC interview,pushing a camera, after the reporter asked her whether she had received a"blood diamond" as a gift from deposed African dictator Charles Taylor. I thought she had calmed down with age but I guess she's stil a diamond in the rough.

Lindsay Lohan's dad stormed her L.A apartment with cops trying to "save" her 16 year old daughter from Lindsay's reckless living. As he barged into her apartment, Lindsay immediately reported to Twitter the events as they unfolded. Her Twitter account hung itself.

A blazing oil rig has sunk off the coast of Mexico causing a major oil spill. There hasn't been this much oil on Mexican waters since the crew of Jersey Shore went scuba diving in Cancun.

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