Monday, April 5, 2010


A 7.2 earthquake rocked Baja California on Easter afternoon. The quake was so powerful that many Easter eggs were found scrambled.

Saudi Arabia has delayed the execution of a "sorcerer" that was sentenced to death in November. His lawyer said that she believes he is still alive although she hasn't spoken to Harry Potter in several days.

The fossilized remains of a 2 million year old species was found in a limestone cave in South Africa. "Henry the Hermit" is how Larry King remembers him.

On Monday, over 100 Chinese coal mine workers were rescued after their mine was flooded with water. Family of the rescued are calling it a miracle. But the rescuers said it was simply a case of mine over matter.

It turns out that the second Moscow suicide bomber that killed dozens of passengers on a subway was a teacher. These are crazy times. I remember when school teachers taught history not become it.

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