Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Like a taco"

Today I treated myself to Korean Food. It was all you can eat so I accepted the challenge. I'm what you call a "foodie" which is a euphemism for fat ass! I got the usual Kimchi, rice, and marinated beef. I also got the usual side dish called rice cake (shown in white above). I always get it but I never knew how to eat it. Am I to dip it in sauce? Is it meant to be fried? Can it be eaten alone or with the other food? Such grand questions have always alluded me when it came to the rice cake. I decided to ask the Korean waiter. He was a young, frail guy in his early 20's

"How do I eat this?" Do I need to fry it?
"No No, you use it to wrap up the meat. Like a Taco!"

I was tempted to reply "Gracias Senor" in the most stereotypical, Mexican accent. Had my beard been longer, he may have told me to warp up the meat like Pita bread.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jokes 5-20-12

Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg married his long time girlfriend. He changed is Facebook status to "married" and she updated her status to "half".

On May 21st, Canadians celebrate Victoria day in honor of Queen Victoria's birthday. In America the only Victoria we celebrate is a secret.

In Parker Colorado, a lesbian couple have been arrested for staging a hate crime. They spray painted the words "Kill the Gay". They are also being sued by the GOP for using their slogan without permission.

Usain Bolt dumped his girlfriend of six months. Before she could respond, he simply vanished.

A British tabloid is reporting that Kim Kardashian is coming between Kanye West and Jay-Z and I can't wait to see that video.

A transgendered, Miss Universe Canada, felt short of the national title but still made the top 12 semi-finalists. I applaud her courage. That takes balls.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Late Cinco De Mayo

This Cinco De Mayo weekend, I'd decided to go all Cinco De Mayo out so I headed to East L.A. I took Whittier Boulevard all the way down and drove slowly ala Cheech and Chong and decided to celebrate the positive aspects of The Mexican community. The snapshot above is in East L.A and it is a motto used by Homeboy Industries. This is an organization that was started by a priest in ELA that was tired of seeing gang members shoot each other so he provided an avenue where gang members and former gang members can work. ( I encourage you guys to support them. 

Next, I stopped by Cain's Arcade to support a kid who inspired me to dream and not be held back by obstacles. This kid saw opportunity in cardboard of all things and he truly is a genius. I encourage all of you, especially those who have kids to show Caine's Arcade. It is refreshing to see the youth of  today channeling their creativity in a non-digital way. Video may have killed the radio star but this kid survived. 

Next, I went to Olvera Street (La Placita) and devoured a chile relleno plate with home-made tortillas while the mariachis played in background. Ay AY AY AY (too much tequila)

I got a fun pass from Cain himself!

Caine's Arcade

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's time we recognize the father of "Grunge"

Before there was Kurt Cobain, there was "Shaggy". He was rocking the goatee, the casual T-shirt and the messy hair before Seattle brewed its first cup of coffee. It's time he gets recognized as the king of slackers. He was a loser before Beck was begging the world to kill him. He would prefer to run rather than fight and we really know why he always had an insatiable appetite for Scooby snacks. The dude was a pothead, even if the producers deny hidden references to weed. Next time some cocky hipster tries being smug and ironic with his casual attire, tell him, he's 40 years behind.