Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Why Facebook makes me cringe - Establishing Axioms

I was late to Facebook. I resisted the temptation to join it because I reasoned that those that know me, can easily get a hold of me. The other "aquaintances" either avoid me because I'm different or converesely because most people get on my nerves or they bore me. I decided to become modern and I joined. Of Course I had the paranoid thoughts that big brother was watching me and obviosuly I was guarded about what type of information I made available. But nonetheless I joined.

Immediately I saw the benefits and pitfalls of FB. The benefits include dispersing data to many people simultaneously. It's useful if you are having an event and you want to send invites. This is practical and therefore valuable. The pitfalls include being updated by people you hardly know about the most mundane of activities such as:

"It's sure cold outside"
"Just had a turkey sandwich. MMMM it was good!"
"Man I need to get to the gym."
"On my way to watch_____" (fill in the movie)
"Thank God it's Friday. Ready for Margaritas!"

After each mundane update I yell, "WHO GIVES A SHIT!" I cringe. I realy, really do.

Now as much as I want to categorize the universal FB types, I wont because it has already been done brilliantly by other fellow bloggers. Instead, I will note some general observations about Facebook and provide FB axioms that I find true. I urge you to provide some as well.

If a person is annoying in real life, they will be 20 times more annoying on FB. True story. I had a friend that I haven't spoken in like 15 years. She recently asked to be my friend. I gave in. 15 years ago she was annoying and I thought that time makes one mature. Hell no! She is still annoying like streakers or people that wear gorilla suits. She makes being annoying an art form. She made a recent comment when the Greenbay Packers beat the Chicago Bears: PACKERS PACKED DA BEARS!
I can't make this stuff up. I held a gun to my head and nearly squeezed.

I battle with depression and too often FB makes me more depressed. I find myself comparing myself with others that lead normal lives and I begin to question my life and the decisions I made over the years. In addition, FB makes me feel freaky because I'm not married, don't have kids, or own a home. In fact, I'm pretty broke. Navigating FB becomes a morbid version of "This is your life". No bueno.

I have a tendency to believe that people rarely change. If I met you and liked you a long time ago, I will hold on to the idea that you are a cool person. Recent comments from people that I thought were cool have led me to reconsider my assumptions about people. I once knew a girl that I had not talked to in a while and I always thought she was pretty cool. Then one day she posted a hateful message deriding a poor mother who bought a jumper for her kid's birthday. The underlying message was (I'm paraphrasing): This poor lady is a leach and she is leaching off of us taxpayers. She is probably milking "the system". What followed was more hateful attacks and assumptions about this poor lady. I left a comment to the effect of "heaven forbid the poor have fun." I no longer talk to her.

What observations have you had about FB. Also what axioms can you add to mine. I would like to hear your experiences and thoughts on this subject matter. I have to go now. I need to update my FB and tell it that the chicken sandwich I had was a little bit salty but the French fries were real good!


  1. Being part of a young age group, I see a bunch of wanna hang outs? Picture whores, Taggers galore, spammers, hackers (posting weird statuses on other peoples wall disguised as them), stupid people, sweet people.

    It's all mixed in there


  2. I gave in and joined a couple of months ago. It's very convenient for staying in touch with family, and old school contacts that I still need. That is the main reason I still haven't permanently deleted my profile.

  3. Wow, seriously, this post describes every little thing I feel about Facebook to a T!!

    I actually loathe Facebook with a passion for it.
    And it sucks because I'd like to join Networked Blogs, but I just can't bring myself to intermingle the new & exciting blogger world that I love & the Facebook world with all it's ugly past that I hate.

  4. I wrote a similar article about facebook, it has a great video too if you want to check it out

  5. My ex-friends are blocked on my FB. When they ask me if I have an account, I just say no. Even though I have 2 FBs. I just don't like annoying people flooding up my newsfeed. Hehe. :)

  6. All those people whose FB makes it look like they have such a GREAT, NORMAL life? They're as dysfunctional as we are - probably more so! My captcha is 'ringe'... eh! That's close to 'cringe'!

  7. Well-done! You've summed up everything I dislike about FB. THough... I do like it, all in all. I just hide the annoying people from my newsfeed. After all, if one of my "friends" is annoying or bigoted I kind of want to know about it so that I can discretely de-friend them.

  8. Israel you crack me up! You've just written what I feel every day when I check into my FB world. I joined it when it first came out and then left it alone because I didn't really understand it and went to play on Myspace instead. Years later, all of my friends had defected to the "Dark" side so I went back. I have annoying friends who are ten times worse on FB. I hide them, and if they piss me off enough, I block them or end up deleting them. I especially loathe the up to the minute, play by play of someone's baby. For example:

    1. Hannah took her first step today.
    2. Hannah smiled for the first time.
    3. Hannah is so muddy and I don't mean
    from playing outside.
    4. Hannah will graduated to the sippy cup!

    OMG! Those are all true statuses by the way. Then I have my political friends. They feel they need to tell me who to vote for and why and and if I don't do that, I am then told why I will be an accomplice to American going to hell! There are more, but I'm afraid I would start to annoy you with my annoyances! :)

  9. I agreed with #1 & 2. It creates a superiority complex when I notice most the people on my friends list can't spell and wet their pants at the thought of happy hour at Apple Bees....but then depresses the hell out of me seeing the lavish lives (homes, cars, vacations) some people I know enjoy. Sighs.

  10. Great insights. Sometimes I think I spend too much time of FB, but there are some people who pretty much live there. I agree that all the mundane insignificant updates about what people are doing all day long are irritating. My biggest pet peeve is when adults invite me to play mafia, farm, vampire, or some other game with them. I block all game apps and feeds about them and just use FB like a giant Rolodex.

  11. I know what you mean. I think all of us compare ourselves with others through FB. I recently took a break from it. WEll, not a TOTAL break. i just didn't go on it as much as I used to... I think you are hilarious! I'm sure people love being YOUR FB friend!

    BTW, I left an award on my blog for you today. Don't feel obligated to accept it, of course. I just wanted to get the word out about ICMJ!

  12. I am on Facebook, mostly to connect with my husband's sisters. I looked around and joined some sites like Zoomers, which is for people over fifty. Once in awhile the conversations were interesting, but mostly not. I don't go on much any more. I much prefer reading blogs, which can give you a laugh, a new thought or companionship.

  13. Ditz - I hate tags. I'm glad you are not as cynical as me lol!
    Senorita - You have a point. You are using FB that way it should be used.
    Lil Pixie- I got you eye to eye movement with my finger.
    Smile - Send me the video. I would love to see it.
    Gnetch- Man you have some serious enemies. What's up with that?
    Mutter- You are prob. right.
    Yvonne- You know exactly what I mean with the annoying follow ups. Your example was classic.
    Mranthrope - You know the fellings of extasy and agony courtesy of FB.
    Tom- I have never played any of the games or apps. I refuse.
    Kelley - Thanx for that I will post the award later. I appreciate that.
    Belle- You make a good point. I enjoy blogs much more too.

    Thank you guys for participating in this. Your insights were great.