Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday - The time we spotted Bin Laden

I used to be a regular poker player at Commerce Casino in Los Angeles. I love this casino because I know many of the staff there so I always feel at home losing money to them. Commerce Casino has more poker tables than just about any other casino. On the weekends, you get an assortment of people. I once saw Ricki Lake there with a famous poker player, Antonio Esfandiari. On another occasion I was one table behind a table where Don Cheadle was playing. He is tiny.

At the poker table they bring you drinks or food. On one occasion I was there with a female friend and we started pounding beers while I played poker. She sat behind me. At our table was a hippy-looking dude that looked straight out of a Cheech and Chong Movie. The dude had long wavy hair and he was stoned. "Hey do you guys smoke? I have some herb we can smoke in the car", he asks. My friend jumped at the opportunity. We left the table to go to his car. I went to supervise my friend. You believe me right?

When we get back to the table we were feeling "irie". (No woman no cry). The hippie starts getting louder and louder and everything he said made us laugh. The rest of the table was wondering why we found the hippie so funny. Like I said we were feeling "irie" (Buffalo Soldier...). Hippie man spots an Indian man in the casino wearing a turban.

"Hey Bin Laden!. Hey Bin Laden!" He began calling the Indian man Bin Laden. This made everyone at the table crack up. "Bin Laden" didn't find this so funny. He approaches security and walks over to us and yells at the table with the most God awful Indian accent.

"I am not been layden!!! Fuck been layden!!! I hate been layden!!! I am a sikh!!!. Apparently hippie man associated Indians with Arabs.

Security comes over to the table to investigate:
"Did someone call this man Bin Laden?"
"Nah man we were just talking about politics and stuff",said Hippie man.

Security gave this man a "timeout", meaning he had to take a 15 minute break from the table. The table got quiet and less hilarious after that. The sikh left pissed off but I could have sworn he called us infidels.


  1. Ok, I'm either super tired or can't read, I choose to believe I'm super tired. I read the first sentence in this post as, "I used to be a POKE player." For about a second or two or three my brain tried to assimilate "Poke" and player. I was like, "WTF is a Poke player?" and then I re-read. Ha. My bad.

    "Supervise" ---riiight.

    Happy Friday! :)

  2. Supervise my butt haha. Wow you guys are lucky that the hippy just got a time out.