Thursday, January 13, 2011


A CDC report finds that 8% of Americans have asthma. This was not easy for me to say because my inhaler ran out.

Did you know that all states except Florida had snow recently? Snow isn't ready for retirement just yet.

Australia has been hit with a deadly flood that has has hundreds of men at work trying to save Men at Work. (apologies to my younder readers who are asking themselves, Who are Men at work? I'll just smile and give you a vegemmite sandwich. That too will not make sense)

Eva Longoria's restaurant, Beso has filed for bankruptcy protection. It's been a tough year for her. Her business goes belly up and she is no longer a wife. Now she's just desperate.

Sarah Palin is taking aim at critics that have tried to pin some blame on her for the Arizona Shooting insisting that her political/violent rhetoric may have contributed to the attack. She has reloaded and fired back an now says there is a bullseye on Democrats that have misquoted her.

Ted Williams, the homelessman with the golden voice, is heading to rehab after speaking to Dr. Phil. I hope he does the 12 steps on Phil's Head!

Police say that actor Peter Fonda discovered a dead body slumped over in the front seat of a car in Los Angeles. Upon closer inspection they discovered Larry King napping


  1. Very funny. I feel old though. I understood and laughed at everything including Men at Work. Keep being funny.

  2. You're right about no snow in Florida. Down here "a few flakes of the white stuff" means just one thing: dandruff.

    I wish Eva Longoria would return to The Young & the Restless. Cricket's gone but there are several other female characters who deserve to be stabbed in the bathtub.

    Sarah Palin denies that she incites hate and violence and anybody who disagrees can step outside into the alley and settle this #!&%#$!X$X# thing RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!!!!!

  3. Funny stuff today! Oh and I got all of your references, color me knowledged! ha!

  4. Sarah Palin just passes those bulls eyes out for anything. I wonder if there's one on you now?

  5. lol @ Palin. Her and her "2nd amendment remedies" type friends weren't taking about guns/violence in their hate really, they don't know anything about the Constitution in the first place and must have just gotten all mixed up. ha

  6. My daughter told me that Ted Williams guy is from my city of Kelowna.
    I like how Palin says there used to be duels between politicians in the olden days, as if that is an excuse. Yeah, there was also slavery and women were property. But yes, let's go back to dueling. Vegas would make a fortune on the betting.

  7. LMAO!! I wonder how Sarah Palin felt when she became a trending topic on Twitter. Only, it was #blamepalin. I bet she's not too happy.