Monday, January 10, 2011


A study by the Weizmann Institute of Science and Wolfson Hospital suggests that the chemicals in women's tears sends a signal to men that she is not interested in sex. This whole time I thought it was because I chop onions during sex.

The Kansas City Chiefs were demolished by the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL Playoffs 30-7. Asked if they ever felt threatened by the Chiefs offense, quote the Ravens Nevermore.

Polaroid has teamed up with Lady Gaga to promote several products including camera glasses. They are available for all three sexes.

Pope Benedict recently stated that God was behind the big bang. Of course he was. How else did Mary get pregnant?

Rod Stewart celebrated his 66th birthday by singing his new single: Do you think I'm senile?

The debut of the new season of Jersey Shore set a record for MTV drawing 8.45 million viewers. In related news, fish and birds were made aware of this fact and they wisely chose to end their lives.


  1. Hahaha!! I know Snookie had something to do with the mass animal suicide!

  2. A woman's tears send a signal to a man that she is not interested in sex. So do the can of pepper spray and the stun gun.

    More new releases by OLD Rod Stewart:

    "Baggy Mae"
    "Wou Wear it Well (your age, that is)"
    "Tonight's the Night (for Geritol)"
    "You're in My Heart (along with my shot of Nitroglycerin)"
    "Hot Legs (with Varicose Veins)"

  3. LOL All the chemicals the Jersey Shore cast uses can't be good for the air...poor birds had to suffer

  4. But what if women always cry AFTER having sex with me? What does that mean? ;-)

  5. The one about the birds and fish killed me! Great jokes.

  6. Jay - they're no doubt tears of joy!

  7. Bahahaha! You just made my day! OMG friggin hilarious!

  8. LOL @ "Do you think I'm senile." Oh lord, he should really stop singing. His voice is so shot.

  9. haha love the j-shore and onion ones.