Thursday, January 6, 2011


Newly appointed G.O.P Speaker of the House, John Boehner said in a recent speech: " This is the people's house". And like any most houses these days, it is owned by the banks and losing value fast.

In Celebration of it's 40th anniversary, Starbucks will change it's logo. They will drop the "Starbucks" name but will keep the green siren who now is dripped in oil.

Alec Baldwin told CNN host Eliot Spitzer that he was very serious about running for public office but he is also busy with acting. He is stuck between 30 Rock and a hard place.

A guard that once worked for Michael jackson testified that Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, hid evidence which was never found; making him a smooth criminal.

A new antibiotic therapy using rifaximin may help ease irritable bowel syndrome. I'm not shitting you.


  1. Ah, the flavour of America: I don't know what half of this one is about, but I liked the 'Speaker of the House' one, and of course the IBS one is pretty accessible too.

  2. Ahahaha. But IBS is probably shitting a lot of people!!

  3. Ewww shitting. Alec Baldwin for public office? I hope he has the brains to not get into the politics of politics.

  4. I close my eyes and I can see Letterman doing the jokes.

  5. Ahh, John Boehner! He belongs right up there with Sarah Palin. I look forward to more.

  6. I REALLY liked "stuck between 30 Rock and a hard place". Ha! I am SO glad you are on Twitter now! I'm following you, man. Look in your mirror.