Sunday, January 30, 2011

Why Bono from U2 gets on my nerves

I never used to have a strong opinion on Bono from U2 until I noticed something that got me irritated. Let me preface that last statement by saying that I do think U2 is a talented band and he is a great singer. I think I liked him when his hair was long and he was screaming, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" or "Gloria". I get it, the dude has been around and is proficient. I had never really thought about Bono but then he decided to invade my living room. You bet I'll explain.

I was watching an awesome documentary about the influence of the Pixies called Gauge where they talk about the contribution and influence that the Pixies have had in the music world. They interview several musicians such as Radio Head and David Bowie and they all had something profound to say about the Pixies. Then BIGHEAD SHORT MAN BONO comes out! WTF! I did not invite him into my living room. I thought this was an isolated incident.

On another occasion I was watching another documentary about Joy Division. I love this group as well and who decided to crash my living room? The Irish Troll. Go Away! I don't want to hear from the Lucky Charm spokesperson. I want to hear Joy Division.

But the straw that broke the camel's back has to be the Charles Bukowski documentary. I love this documentary also. It features behind the scenes footage of Charles in Los Angeles and they interview people that knew him and they all provide insightful tales of his drunken ways. They even interviewed a guy that told a funny story about how how Bukowski's poem influenced him in dealing with a girl he was dating at the time. I was amused. And then who decides to show up on my television set? You got it BIG HEAD SHORT MAN BONO!!!

I had it!

First of all what credibility does he have talking about Bukowski's poetry? Second of all, how does his opinion add anything to an already awesome documentary. But here is the clincher, BONO DECIDES TO READ ONE OF HIS POEMS. The irony is glaring. Here is a famous and rich dude reciting a poem about the down trodden and the tired. Watching this almost made me want to become an alcoholic.

If you see Bono on the street tell him to stop invading people's households. Tell him to stick to singing "with or without you" until his vocal chords bust.


  1. HAH! I never really noticed, but you're right. Dude gets around! U2 used to be my favorite band up until the last album they released. I kind of lost all faith in them after that.

    Bukowski is the shiz.

  2. Eeeh! I never really liked U2 - middle of the road rockers that started out lean and hungry and ended up fat and lazy.

  3. I'd rather hear what SONNY Bono has to Cher!

    We all have our Bonos...people we regard as overrated who seem to pop up in every type of program to enlighten us with their expert opinion. There have been many occasions when I screamed "wave him off" at my television when one of those commenters for hire started dispending wisdom to the masses.

  4. Since he's not making much (good) music these days, I guess he has a lot of time to make the interview circuit!

    I love the Pixies.

  5. Future Bono appearances: Super XLV Pre-Game Analysis, VH1 Hip Hop Honors Award, Hardball w/Chris Matthews, and TV series, TLC's What Not to Wear. He does it all!

  6. I'm not too keen on Mr. Bono to begin with but if there's one thing I hate more than an attention whore, it's an attention seeking poet reciting his poetry on someone else's documentary. That's just straight up disrespectful, in my opinion.