Monday, March 29, 2010


There is growing concern that Lindsey Lohan's wild ways may catch up with her. She was recently videotaped falling on on a cactus bed outside a club in Los Angeles. Lindsey initially blamed her high heels, then she blamed an aggressive paparazzi, now she's ticked off at gravity.

Inspired by the recent events surrounding Jesse Jame's conquests, Rick Springfield is remaking his 80's hit. It will be called Jesse's Girls. The song is 15 minutes long. The new chorus: "why can't I find a harem like that."

Though New York was named one of the 6 finalists for the "Federal Race to the Top" funds for education, that award has gone to two states: Delaware and Tennessee. However, NY is still in running to win the "Crashing to the Bottom" fund.

The Daily Caller website is reporting that the Republic National Comittee reimbursed Eric Brown $2000 for an outing at a risque' Club in West Hollywood that features bondage scenes played out on stage. The chairman of the RNC, Michael Steele held a news conference to explain the spending but it was hard to listen to him speak through a tight, leather mask.

Members of a Christian militia were indicted on and charged with plotting to murder law enforcement officers by ambush. They will be a part of a new reality show called, "Jerry Springer's favorite guests -Where are they now?"

Ricky Martin has announced through his website that he is gay. Bernie Madoff has announced that he is greedy and Naomi Cambell has announced that she is angry.

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