Monday, March 22, 2010


Democrats and Republicans are still trying to work out some of their differences over the Health Care Bill. Under the Democrat's plan, Insurance companies can not deny you coverage for having "pre existing conditions". Under the Republican plan, you die.

Now that the House has passed the Senate's health care reform bill, all that is needed is for Senate Republicans to approve the measure and the bill would become law. The next step would be for Rush Limbaugh to use for one way flights to Costa Rica.

A man in Chicago has been arrested for selling his wife for sex on Craigslist. The ad read: Take my wife Please!

Google has made it official that they will close their website in China;essentially blocking China out. This has angered Chinese officials so much that they are renaming their historic monument the Great Wall of Google.

In Baltimore Maryland, a lady gave birth to baby in the back of her husband's taxi. She was lucky she wasn't in NY. She only had to pay the standard rate.

If your name is Bill, stay away from Tea Party rallies. They want to kill you.

Tiger Woods is wearing a bracelet on his left wrist. When asked why he is wearing it, he said it was for strenght and protection. It sounds like he has a new sponsor: Trojan.

Officials in Hong Kong have issued a warning to avoid outdoor activity after reaching pollution levels not seen since since 1995. A spokeswoman for the Environmental Protection Department was scheduled speak to the press but had an Asthma attack.

Representative Randy Neugenauer admitted on monday that he was the person that interrupted and yelled "baby killer" while Rep. Bart Stupak was on the floor speaking. Mr. Neugenauer apologized for the outburst but said he was representing the people in his district. Apparently the people in his district have tourettes syndrome.

Jane Fonda will host the first-ever World Fitness day on May 1st at Atlanta's Georgia Dome. It's been described as a nationwide call to fitness. At 72 she will display her athleticism by running and dodging vietnam veterans.

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