Thursday, March 18, 2010


Democratic leaders are optimistic that they are extremely close to passing Health Care Legislation. The only thing missing is a plan and votes

In an interview, Movie Director Christopher Nolan talked about bringing back Superman to the big screen. In this modern adaptation, Superman protects Americans against the forces of evil trying to foreclose on their home.

Auditions in Brooklyn NY were held to find Russian girls and guys to do an off shoot of the Jersey Shore. They already have their male, muscled- bound heart throb: The Manifesto.

A school board panel of conservative educators in Austin, Texas conducted a hearing to change the direction of its curriculum. Specifically, they want Conservatives and their ideals to appear in their text books. The title of their first science book is: "Planet Earth- its 6000 year history."

On the "Marriage Ref" Madonna was a guest where she gave marriage advice. That's like Octomom teaching Sex Ed. (Featured on NY Times front Page)

Sources close to Tiger Woods say that Tiger misses the rush of competition and is ready to hit the field and try to break his old record of 12 women.

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