Thursday, March 18, 2010


Said one homeless war veteran to another: "Maybe we should become actors they get awards and stuff." (Commenting on the recent award given to Hurt Locker.)

Did you hear that emotional Academy Award speech by Mo'Nique after winning for best supporting actress? She said she was grateful for the tons of support she received while shooting the film Precious. She was referring to her belt.

A dog collar that used to belong to Charles Dickens was sold at an auction at Bonhams New York for $11,590. The winner appeared ambivalent about winning saying, “it was best of dog collars it was the worst of dog collars."

In China in the central province of Hubei, a 70 year old grandmother was buried alive by property developers after she refused to allow thedemoliti
on of her home. She should have come to America where she would've only been buried by debt.

Jennifer Aniston has created a perfume will be in stores soon. This perfume really captures her essence it will be called Old and Bitter.

Country singing sensation Brad Paisley was injured when he slipped on stage. He got a reassuring call from President Obama telling him he could relate having recently fallen from grace.

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