Friday, March 26, 2010


Appearing jointly for the first time since their presidential election, senator John McCain and Sarah Palin appeared at a rally in Tucson Arizona. It's the first stop in their "close but no cigar" tour.

The philanthropist Ann Ziff and her family gave $30 million to the Metropolitan Opera. The general manager, Peter Gelp sang with excitement upon receiving the gift, shattering his glass windows.

Due to anticipated tax revenue and increased support for the legalization of marijuana, In Novermber California voters will vote and likely pass a bill that will make marijuana legal in that state. In anticipation for this passage, the shares of Cheetos are up 20%.

Washington Wizard's Gilbert Arenas will not serve jail time for bringing a loaded gun to his locker. His attorney argued that he has already being punished enough. The judge agreed . In his ruling he said, "For God's sake he plays for the Washington Wizards."

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