Monday, March 29, 2010


Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida have found that fatty foods and junk food is addicting as cocaine or heroin. This might explain a recent photograph that showed Kirstie Alley sniffing a line of Big Macs.

Scientists have recently critiized the FDA about ignoring claims that CT scans expose patients to high levels of radiation during colon cancer screening. As evidence, many doctors have been torched in the face when patients farted.

Volvo has been sold to The Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, a Chinese company for $1.8 billion dollars. Their new slogan is: Volvo For Rife.

R&B superstar Erykah Badu stunned music fans everywhere with the release of her video "Window Seat". In the video, she walks through downtown Dallas removing her clothing one item at a time until she gets naked and then she gets assasinated. The Warren Commission is investigating this incident but believes a lone shooter is responsible.

Sacha Baron Cohen married his girlfriend Isla Fischer in a private wedding in Paris. A Source close to Sacha Cohen described the wedding as being "very nice".

At least 37 people were killed when two women suicide bombers detonated explosives on two packed,metro trains in Moscow. Upon hearing of this attack, NOW ( the National Organization of Women) retracted their stance on equal gender treatment under Al Queda.

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