Thursday, March 18, 2010


Toyota is introducing a fuel efficient car that runs on Duracell batteries. It keeps going and going...

A dozen same-sex couples got married in the District of Columbia on the first day that same sex ceremonies were legally allowed. At the end of the marriage vows, the priest turned to the couples and said," I now pronounce you fabulous.”

In a Wisconsin zoo, a lady had several fingers bitten off by a bear after she attempted to feed it through the enclosure. Zoo officials believe the bear was getting revenge on behalf of gummy bears.

In Antarctica an extremely rare penguin was photographed. How the paparazzi found Dany Devito there is still unknown.

The title of “Richest man in the world” belongs to Mexican, Telecom tycoon Carlos Slim. The odds that this will have any significant effect on Mexico is between slim and none.

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