Saturday, March 27, 2010


The Vatican is under fire after memos showed Pope Benedict was aware that Father Lawrence C. Murphy was abusing deaf boys at a school for the deaf. The deaf victims tried reporting abuse but nothing happened. In Pope Benedict's defense, he thought they were playing charades.

Amy Winehouse told Pulse Magazine that she is ready to have a baby. She is as ready to have baby as Jesse James is ready for marriage.

On friday, President Obama reported that the U.S and Russia have agreed to a new nuclear arms treaty. Rusian President Dmitry Medvedev said Russia would have signed years ago had the last president pronounced "nuclear" correctly.

Conservative Christians in Texas are furious over "Corpus Christi" ; a play that portrays Jesus as gay. I understand their anger, he's not gay. So what that he never married and was always surrounded by 12 men. So what if he promoted turning the other cheek and loving thy neighbor as thyself.

The Census Bureau is urging everyone to fill out the forms in its entirety.They are reminding people not to skip the question at the bottom of the page that reads: Are you or anyone in your family currently sleeping with Tiger Woods or Jesse James?

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