Thursday, March 18, 2010


A New Jersey Wallmart is in hot water after someone got on the loud speaker and announced: "All blacks need to leave the store." This is just wrong. I can't believe that in 2010, they aren't calling them African Americans.

Graco, the maker of the baby high chair is recalling its chair because the screws holding the front leg tends to loosen and fall out. They are only partially to blame. Graco could not have anticipated 80 pound babies.

Jesse James, Sandra Bullock's husband has issued a public apology asking for forgiveness after having an alleged affair with tattoo model Michelle "bombshell" McGee. Have you seen her? She has tattoos from head to toe. You could tell by looking at her, she's trouble. It's written all over her face.

Tiger Wood's Alleged mistress, and former porn star, Veronica Siwik-Daniels has decided to publish Tiger Wood's text messages including: Hey It's me Tiger. I can't wait to swing my 9 wood later. I may play golf too LMAO ;)

North Korea is said to have arrested and executed, by firing range, Pak Nam-gi the party's finance planning and department chief, after he revaluated its currency causing greater inflation on the country. In North Korea when they say: "You're fired!" they really mean it.

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