Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some Observations about "blogging"

I can't believe that I'm approaching nearly 300 postings! Granted I don't write elaborate essays but in the short time I have been blogging, I consider myself pretty prolific; enough to offer some observations about blogging that I'd like to share with you:

1- Blogging is time consuming. Believe it or not, sometimes producing 6-8 jokes may take 1-3 hours. So either joke writing is difficult or I'm an idiot. This is a typical conversation that I have with myself before writing a joke: Is this joke topical? Is it off limits? Is it funny? How can I combine the premise with the assumptions people have about the subject matter. Will people get the punchline? Am I wording the joke correctly? How is the rhythm of the joke? Is the joke too subtle? Is it too obvious or cheesy? How can I link idea X with idea Y while still remaining humorous? Can I edit this?

2- Commenters come and go. My blog may be the flavor of the month with a certain blogger for a long time and then like all my ex girlfriends, they go away. Sometimes they return and it's a good surprise but when they don't return I just hold on to the cherished memories that we once shared. I just hope that such bloggers find someone that will treat them better than me or provide what I couldn't. I wish them the best.

3- Reciprocity isn't automatic. When I first started blogging I was under the false belief that if I participate in another person's blog, they will automatically participate in mine. Boy was I wrong! There is one blogger in particular who always has activities and games and I was loyal an participated multiple times but after giving it up and not getting commitment, I felt like a cheap hooker; used and abused.

4-Just because I don't comment, doesn't mean I don't read the blog. This seems hypocritical considering observation #3. On the one hand I read some blogs and at times I don't respond or comment. On the otherhand I feel neglected when I'm overlooked. Hypocritical? yeah I'd say so. I will say this. I have learned alot from the many bloggers I follow.

5- I think that following someone only because they follow you is kinda' cheap. I follow people on my blog because I find something interesting about their blog. I especially look for a blogger with a unique point of view even if I don't adhere to that view.

6- It's easy to get lazy with your blog and produce half ass posts. Having a successful blog requires effort,brainstorming, and just giving a crap.

7-Sometimes doing nothing is a good way to recharge your creative juices.

8-I take my blog very seriously. It's funny actually that I'm so paranoid about creating shitty content on my blog. This is motivated by two factors. One, my mental problems. Two, taking pride in the quality of my work. I don't like it when bloggers say, "Today I don't have shit to say". Come on, that's not even trying. It's better to do nothing, rest your mind, and post a kick ass post.

9-Bloggers think that other bloggers have kick ass blogs. I read some interesting stuff that makes me wonder if there is any virtue in my blog but then I read a blog from someone I admire and they too feel the same way. The source is all the same: insecurity.

10- I will probably receive very few awards and/or followers. I know that my "material" isn't on the same level as Churchill but that's o.k. Also , I refuse to talk about typical crap to get universal appeal such as (I better not). One of the regular commenters here had a great article about what makes for a great blog and she said that you stay true to your theme and point of view. In otherwords, don't be something you're not (Remember Vanilla Ice?). I feel that I've kept it real. Also, I take pride in trying to be original. My blog flies under the radar a little bit but I just tell myself that the few that are aware of it are "exclusive". It protects my ego a little bit.


  1. Amen to #4 - sometimes you just don't have anything to say.

    I also agree with sticking to a theme - even if that theme is random shite! Don't start a blog about cats then start blogging about your trip to the Doctor last week.

  2. This is all so true, Israel. Blogging is indeed time consuming. I am also nearing 300 posts and it's been exhausting yet rewarding. As you indicated there's also a lot of insecurity, envy and vanity involved. You need to have thick skin to avoid feeling crushed most of the time. Blogging shouldn't be a popularity contest but like everything else in life it seems to be just that for many people. The success of your blog does not necessarily reflect the amount of work and creativity you put into it. Some bloggers phone it in much of the time, yet they command a large roster of adoring followers who seem to hang on their every word as if it's pure nirvana. Every post, no matter how inconsequential, automatically draws a flurry of favorable comments. I suppose the name of the game for some people is to see how many "click on" friends they can add to their win column - people they rely on to remind them every day how great they are. I'd much rather have a few good friends who post comments that are as intelligent and well thought out as the material I try to present on my site. I don't necessarily believe in a sub-for-sub policy which you find not only on Blogger but on other social networking sites and YouTube as well. However, as you pointed out, it hurts when you follow somebody else's blog and regularly post comments and they don't reciprocate.

  3. I agree! Of course, if someone comments on my blog I think it only courteous to go and have a look, but sometimes what I see isn't interesting at all, and then I think it would be hypocritical to 'follow' though I don't read! Your blog is ALWAYS quality - it gives the feeling of just flowing naturally - but I'm sure you work very hard on it because its NEVER slapdash!

  4. All good points. When I read a blog I definitely try to comment on it, if I have something to say. I know the feeling I get when I feel like I write a kick-ass post and no one comments and it sucks. So I try not to make anyone else feel like that.

    I follow you because I think you're funny, not just because you followed me first :-P And yeah, if you don't have anything to say watch an hour of reality television and surely you'll be pissed off enough about something to write a decent post!

  5. I started blogging because my sister did and she asked me to join. I found so many good blogs to read and had fun posting that I stayed. I always think I will run out of things to say, and maybe I will some day. I'm so opinionated that I doubt it.

  6. Yeah sometimes I wonder who actually reads my blog because I don't get many comments, but thank god for the stats thing because that curbs a lot of my depression (hahha over exaggerating) when no one comments.

    Although it does bother me when no one comments on creative story posts because I love feed back with that. Now that school is ending for the semester I'll have more time over break to come up with genius stuff and keep up with lovely posts from you and others! Yay!


  7. You've said what we all think and feel. I've been doing it 3 years, feel completely unrecognized in the field and then out of the blue someone says something sweet or somebody reads your blog that has an amazing blog and likes it and suddenly you realize you're one of the gang now. We all suffer from seasonal issues when bloggers go out in the springtime to enjoy good weather and then rush online in the cold winters to keep from going bored. You can't take it personally and always speak with your own voice. I can be colorful and often times piss people off, but that's who I am and that's why the ones who love me, love me and the ones who hate me, don't come back. It weeds out the deadwood, so be glad.

  8. I agree with your observations Israel. I've been blogging since 2007, however, I didn't give it the time or attention it needed back then. Then in August of this year, I picked it up again, as an outlet for my neurosis and my creativity. It's helped me tremendously! And for the longest time you and Belle were the only "followers" I had on my blog. But I was and still am so grateful that you read my blog! (And even if you didn't -don't tell me and make me sad! lol) I read tons of blogs every day, and I follow certain ones because the touched me somehow. Yours touched me because you're very funny, even when you're not trying to be. And you gave me great suggestions about our mutual "friend", depression. So thanks for that! This is my very long-winded way of saying I agree with your post! ha! Cut me some slack, I've been off caffeine for five days now!!!

  9. I agree. With everything. I don't think #4 is hypocritical at all. I also feel neglected when no one comments.

    And would you believe, 1 blog post takes me 10 hours to complete? Sometimes, even 2 days. Well, that's because my Internet sucks. :)

    And I read your blog because it's funny.

  10. You're right. Bloggin' isn't easy. Some days I sit around and start four or five drafts and won't finish any of them after a few hours.