Thursday, November 11, 2010


Scientists at Oxford University in England have found that the game "Tetris" may ease traumatic flashbacks in patients. However, one side effect includes not getting that song out of your head.

The National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint arguing in court that American Medical Response of Connecticut (AMR) unlawfully fired one of their employees who allegedly posted negative comments about her boss. The Court will have to decide two issues: 1- was she fired lawfully? 2- Is poking on Facebok sexual harrassment?

Tuesday, the 88 year old actress,Betty White was made an honorary ranger by the U.S Forest Service. Her main duty included not dying.

A news traffic helicopter captured a video of what appears to be a missle launched 35miles from Los Angeles. It would have launched sooner but it was stuck in traffic.

Amazon is creating a stir for selling an E-book on Pedophilia entitled "The Pedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure" It contains a preface from Pope Benedict XVI.

In addition to stricter warnings, the FDA is proposing adding graphic imagery including pictures of corpses to discourage young people from smoking. This is good news for Larry King who has a photo shoot next week.

Obama met with South Korea and was unable to reach a free-trade pact agreement. The South Koreans did not appreciate Obama's performance of "I'm your Seoul man."


  1. Didn't know they gave out NOT Dying badges. Hilarious!!! Thanks again for the award!

  2. Israel, I like your style. These are all so good. If you could write for any late night personality or comedian, who would you like to see delivering these jokes?

  3. Betty White has replaced Howard Stern to become Queen of All Media. I wonder if "pornstar" is next on her bucket list?

  4. Loved the one about the missle. I've been in LA traffic - horrendous! Larry King + Betty White = great jokes.

  5. LOL at the Tetris, that song gets stuck in my head for weeks!

    Los Angeles traffic is god awful and I don't blame the jet.

  6. hahaha, the pope probably did write the foreward, and gave it a good review!

    I saw the thing about the cigarette images last night on the news. I quit smoking, but it was still horrifying to look at.

  7. Tom- I would want Conan to read my jokes or a young Norm McDonald doing the news on SNL.

    Tsarita- My point is if smoking is so bad(which it is), ban them. But Smoking weed is a crime. What's the frequency Kenny?

  8. The Amazon joke cracked me up! Ugh! Now I have the Tetris song stuck in MY head! Thanks bunches! ha!

  9. The Betty White joke made me laugh out loud. You're the man, Iz!