Monday, November 15, 2010


Top Senate Republicans are making a public push to eliminate “earmarks”. “It’s too late now” said a pissed off Evander Hollyfield.

Christina Aguilera received a star on Hollywood's "Walk of Fame". That's not that remarkable considering that she's a genie in a bottle.

Rumors are circulating that Bill Clinton will make an appearance in "The Hangover 2" but not before being prepped by an expert on that topic: George W.Bush.

Mixed Martial Arts fighter Chuck "the iceman" Liddell is getting married. It took a woman to submit him.

At the San Diego airport, a man caused a scene when he refused to undergo a full body scan or have his groin brushed. Wait, they brush your groin for free? I'm Travelling this weekend. Where? It doesn't matter.

Annie Lobert, a former prostitute, has started a group aimed at helping other Las Vegas Hookers. Her group is called “Hookers for Jesus”. Listen just because she was able to make hundreds of men yell “Oh Jesus God”, that does not make her a disciple of the Lord.

In Dubai, the latest fashion trend is getting temporary tattoos made from real 24-carot gold. The manufacturer is the same guy that invented douches


  1. LOL at the airport. When I was in Vancouver getting through security, my mom got all pissed off when they asked if I wanted to go through the xray room thing or a pat down. She didn't know that the legal adult age in Canada was 16 so she was like "she's still a minor" but I was 17 at the time.

    Oh Mothers.

  2. lol - thanks for the laughs buddy!

  3. If elected, I promise to get tough on crime. I'll start by bringing prostitutes to their knees!

  4. Shady!! Hush your mouth!!
    We were going to fly to Nevada this spring, but I don't know if I want to get my jollies at the airport.

  5. Thanx Adam for visiting and following my blog. Come again!

  6. Poor Mel. Being replaced by Bill. Haha. Funny rundown. My favorite post of yours.

  7. Hahahaha. Too funny!! I love this!

  8. The first one is my fave. Too funny.