Saturday, November 6, 2010


Keith Olberman has been suspended from MSNBC for making contributions to three political candidates. I can't wait until he comes back with his new show: Countdown to Unemployment.

Lindsay Lohan took a break from Rehab and went shopping at Forever 21, blowing $250 dollars on clothes. Speaking of blowing, she is set to play Linda Lovelace in the movie Deepthroat. I know that's hard to swallow.

Police discovered a dead man outside the Playboy Mansion. Initially they thought Hugh Hefner had passed out.

Obama met with India and worked out a $10 billion dollar deal aimed at creating American jobs, mainly at 7-11.

A plane crashed in Cuba killed all 68 on board. All that remained was clothes but no cigar.

Dallas Cowboys' Roy Williams said that they can still make the playoffs eventhough they are 1-6. This prompted the NFL commissioner to beging drug testing the Dallas Cowboys immediately.

The U.S has broken a record for advance orders of "Call of Duty: Black Ops. To get the more violent version you can order Call of Duty: White Cops.
(Google: Police Officer Johannes Mehserle in Oakland California)


  1. I give you extra points for the pun. Clothes but no cigar!

  2. Haha loved the last point on COD. Great summaries

  3. There's a pornstar named Lindsey Lovehands who's a dead ringer for the Disney girl gone bad. It's all so confusing!

  4. "Clothes but no cigar"
    I laughed out loud.
    And I don't know whether tp laugh or cry over the India bit.
    Good stuff, as usual.

  5. #167 Dad. Alright you're still around. Glad you could drop by.

  6. Been a while since I stopped by. Sorry :(

    I have a lot of catching up to do !

  7. Aaaarggghhh! Grone! 'Hard to swallow'. Blimey!