Monday, November 8, 2010


Amid economic concerns, the price of gold set a record by selling above $1400 an ounce. Mr. T’s financial planner is a genius.

Lady Gaga is upset at Eva Longoria for wearing a "ham" dress. It turns out Lady Gaga is Muslim.

The U.S is dissapointed with Israel's decision to continue building in East Jerusalem, where Palestinians want to build their capital as an independent state. Finders keepers.

Dallas Cowboy coach, Wade Phillips has been fired after starting 1-7. Eventhough he has no plans on losing weight, he has been invited to be a guest on "The Biggest Loser."

Former president George W. Bush has written a book called "Decision Points". It can be found in your local book store under "fiction".

The "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis gor married to his longtime girlfriend. The reception included a traditional dollar dance, a conga line, and one hell of a wet T-shirt contest


  1. Da Cowgirls SUCK!!!! :)

    Thanks for the laughs! Needed that tonight!!

  2. I pity the fool who tries to take my gold!

  3. The value of Mr. T's bling is greater than my entire life earnings.

  4. I remember when Bush said,(like it was a reason) "I'm the decider." Thanks for all the great decisions. I'll like any joke that makes fun of him - does that make me mean? Probably.

  5. Decision Points is in the fantasy section next to Palin's "book."

    And I thought Lady Gaga was a 5 percenter?? :P

  6. Nicely done! You are a funny guy!

  7. Eva's ham dress was funny!! :)

  8. Thanx everyone for the nice comments.