Thursday, November 18, 2010


Eva Longoria has filed for divorce from NBA star Tony Parker citing "irreconcilabel differences". Yeah apparently she is Catholic and he likes to have sex with other women.

Scientists at NASA have announced that they have discovered the youngest black hole 50 million light years away. It prefers to be called an African-American Hole.

California has the distinction of having seven of 10 cities with the worse air quality. You can tell. The bear on the flag now wears a gas mask.

Eight members of the House have found Charlie Rangel guilty of 11 ethics violation. Good grief Charlie Rangel.

Warner Brothers is investigating a leak of the newest Harry Potter film. They will try to plug the leak starting with "top hat" if that doesn't work they will try "top kill" if that doesn't work...

The TSA is under alot of criticism for their airline security "pat downs". It didn't help that one guard's jacket read:


  1. Oh baby, I want me some sexy TSA. Yeah TSA isn't so bad compared to the security in Canada. My mom had a hissy fit when they patted me down cause they wanted to see if I wanted to go through the machine. At the time I was 17, which is a legal adult up there, but my mom still wasn't happy.

    Yes Catholicism + multiple sex partners = no bueno

  2. Charlie better not kick any footballs anytime soon.

  3. ohhhhh meeee.... im going to be patted down at the airport soon. :( well... i guess the xray scans arent any better. this means i have to wear my best underwear AT ALL TIMES. Hmppff.

    And Longoria is better off without that weasel. Dude looked a bit fishy to me anyways.

  4. Heh heh. 'Good grief'.... You're a card!

  5. When they pat me down, I'll close my eyes and see only Keanu Reeves. That would make it a delightful experience.

    The black hole joke made me laugh out loud. I guess because I really don't know what is the right thing to say? My daughters think for me to say "Black" is demeaning. It used to be good when I was young.

  6. Ditz You should do what Belle does and let your imagine run wild during the pat down.

  7. Copyboy you bring up an interesting point. Lucy was a bitch and Lyrical you should alwys wear good underwear. You know the one with only 4 rips in them.