Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Miley Cyrus turned 18 this November 23rd. Bang Brothers did you hear that?

Former U.S President Jimmy Carter has released his latest best selling book: "White House Diary". Here are some exerpts:
Page 123 - "Saturday Night Fever? A movie about Disco Dancing! Who is going to see that?
Page 338 - "I kinda under estimated that Ayatollah Khomeini dude. I'm confident we will get the hostages home very soon."

War is on the brink as North Korea has killed 2 South Koreans by shelling a South Korean Island according to Gilligan and the Professor.

Leonardo Di Caprio travelled to Russia to donate $1 million dollars to save tigers from extinction. He's grreat! (apologies to Frosted Flakes)

The TSA is still freaky. They have set up a complaint number. You must be 18 years to call and wil be billed $2.99 a minute.

Security software manufacturer BitDefender has released a report claiming that 20% of Facebook users are exposed to malware. I’m not surprised. With everyone poking each other,you’re bound to catch a virus.


  1. Great jokes. Love the TSA one. Why are you up so early? LOL

  2. Belle, why are YOU up so early?

    Miley at 18? Can a hook-up with Charlie Sheen be far behind?

  3. I had a nightmare Shady - no movie stars in it though.
    Poor Charlie Sheen, he is such a mess.

  4. 2.99 a minute, really? I hope they talk dirty to me for that price.

  5. I just called that TSA hotline. BIZARRE! My representative ("Lorna") asked me what I'M wearing!

  6. Ugh, what is that guy feeding that horse?! Are horses allowed to eat ice cream? Oh, it's Miley Cyrus? Nevermind..

  7. Belle - One word Insomnia
    Shady- It's interesting that your punchline was going to be my original punchline but I took the more subtle approach. Not sure if it worked though.
    Autumn- That's the implication.
    Tsaritsa- Horses are allowed to eat ice cream my gues is that that that horse ended up with more than ice cream in her mouth.

  8. EWWW Miley Cyrus. I better be getting a discount on that call to the TSA! ;)

  9. I sometimes think life is not fair. Miley gets to date cute (well, okay, metrosexual but cute nonetheless) guys and I don't. I mean, come on! She sounds like a boy going through puberty.

    No. I'm not bitter. At. All.

  10. Your thoughts crack me up! I liked that TSA one...actually I thought they were all grrrrreat! About Twitter...when did you say you were getting on?

    BTW, when I record my rap on YouTube or a v-log, you'll be the first to know! (Hint: it will happen...never. I'm not recording myself! Ha!)

  11. Kelley- I'm on Twitter now.
    #167 Dad - Where have you been? Welcome back!

  12. You need to have something JUST on Miley, she's annoying. Have you seen the SNL spoof on her?

  13. LOL no I haven't but honestly, she's not worth devoting an entire segment on.