Monday, November 1, 2010


Paul Reubens, who played the "Pee Wee Herman" character in the 80's is heading to Broadway. Those in the front row will be given goggles and towels.

The Pentagon has confirmed that bombs originating, in Yemen and bound for a U.S airline, were intercepted by U.S and British Intelligence which I admit sounds like an oxymoron.

Sunday, Tom Cruise was on the set of Mission Impossible 4. If you don't know the plot, it involves the Democrat's attempt to save their House seats.

The Minnesota Vikings have released wide receiver, Randy Moss. The good news though is he will be the new spokesman for Capital One. "What's in your wallet?"

A new study has found that kids that text message, especially before bedtime, can develop cognitive problems and ADHD. They also found that those same kids make for great thumb wrestlers.

Gay activists are protesting Ron Howard's film, "The Dilemma" over a gay joke invloving Vince Vaughn calling elctric cars "gay". Gays feel like they have been back-stabbed. Let me re-phrase that.


  1. Hey I'm a great thumb wrestler!

  2. Thumb wrestles rule!!! lol Happy Monday!

  3. Great jokes. Maybe the Mission won't be so Impossible.

  4. Military intelligence is ALWAYS an oxymoron!