Saturday, June 12, 2010

"They came for the shoogarr... "

I usually reserve random nonsense for the weekend. The following is a true story that I call "Customer Service Persian Style". Many of you may not be aware of this but Anaheim has alot of Arabs and Persians so there is amazing food in the city. I was in Anaheim and decided to go to a Persian restaurant located on Brookhurst street. I'm eating beef lula with rice and hummus. As I'm eating, I notice an ant on my table. No big deal, shit happens. I try to ignore the crittter. I commence to eat when I notice a squad of ants- a whole bunch violating my table and my food. I lose my appetite. I call the waitress over so she could see the ants raping my plate. I point to the ants on my table. "Look there is one here, there is another here too, here too". What she did next was classic. She smashes the ant with her finger and points to the sugar container on my table and calmly explains to me, "They came for the shoogarr" and she walks away.. That's it! Her solution to my problem is to explain the reason for the ants' arrival. No apology, no discount, no refund. It took me a few weeks to return to the same restaurant and when I did, I shit you not, there was an ant on my table. I wanted to call the waitress over but I didn't want to hear her explanation: "They came for the shoogar"


  1. dude, i'm sitting here pissing myself. this is too funny. i love it. you need to add a tweet me feature so people can share your hilarity.