Monday, June 14, 2010

My trip to the Mexican market

I was out of groceries and I needed food. Times are rough so I went to the Mexican market in Anaheim called La Carreta to save money. The food is cheaper but you must be prepared for the other amenities that come with shopping at an authentic Mexican market. For one, you will be blasted with umpa umpa music. It's called "banda" and it resembles Polka with the horns and accordian. Besides the music, there are other features that can only be found here including:
1- Pinatas hanging from the ceiling. They have a variety of pinatas including Dora the Explorer.(currently being detained in Arizona until she can provide i.d).
2-Fruits and Buddha can be found in the same section. There is nothing more refreshing than eating oranges while trying to reach Nirvana.
3-Piggybanks shaped like dogs and frogs can be found in the produce section. Let's be honest, in today's tough economy it helps to be able to save by dropping coins and dollar bills in the vertabraes of mammals and amphibians.
4-Candles of your favorite saints are conveniently located next to chicken seasoning. This way you can have chicken soup for the soul get it? Sorry that was lame. I'm out.


  1. That music sounds (in my mind) just like our South African 'Boeremusiek'. Damn you, now its in my head. Its got me by the throat. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!