Friday, June 4, 2010


President Obama has picked Lt. Gen James R. Clapper to be the next director of national intelligence. He introduced him by clapping once to bring him on stage and clapped twice when he was done speaking.

The Dow Jones dropped 323 points on signs that unemployment figures are worse than previously believed. It is so bad that homeless people are carrying signs that read: Will work for work.

McDonald's is recalling "Shrek" glasses after discovering that they contained the toxin,cadium. Now the only things that can harm you are found inside the containers.

Former James Bond actor Daniel Craig has emerge to take the lead in"Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." He beat out the leading contender-Jesse James.

President Obama used harsher words to describe the BP oil spill. He said he was furious. You can tell he is. On his next White House dinner, he has invited System of a Down to perform.