Monday, June 7, 2010


Two New Jersey men were arrested after authorities believed they were plotting to carry out terrorist acts in the U.S. When questioned why the men were so angry and willing to blow themselves up, one man replied "have you been to Jersey?"

The funeral of Different Strokes actor Gary Coleman has been postponed as a result of a custody battle between his ex-wife and his parents. His attorney believes that this mess will be resolved as soon as we know what Willis was talking about.

In the absence of medical evidence, Kellog has agreed to remove the claim that Rice Krispies will strenghten children's immune systems. They also have a new slogan: Snap,Crackle,flop.

The wife of Dog Whisperer' star Cesar Milan has filed for divorce after 16 years of marriage. She said he's not the pack leader he used to be.

A study coming out of Leeds, UK shows promising evidence that a drug made from a sea sponge fights advance breast cancer. And this whole time I thought Sponge Bob Square Pants was just being a pervert.


  1. thanks for dissing my current home (sucks my husband's from here and now i'm stuck living here too)

    you are a funny guy, glad i'm following you.

    ps your prom comment was so funny, maybe you need to post something on your blog about that :)

  2. LOL First of all. I'm an equal opportunity offender. I have many short stories on my blog that I use to personalize my blog. I live in Anaheim, CA and one of my blogs is entitled: Anaheim is Ghetto. So no region is safe from scorn. With respect to stories, I have tons of them. Having grown up in Los Angeles all my life, we have tons of loonies here so I have tons of stories. I wont re-post the prom comment because it makes me look like a bad guy even though that happened a million years ago. But you bring up an intersting point that I should include more personal stories on my blog. BTW you have an excellent blog.