Thursday, June 10, 2010


CNBC financial host Suze Orman underwent an emergency appendectomy and had to have her appendix removed on Saturday. She was able to sell that appendix on Sunday and make a 30% rate of return on her investment.

The shares of BP dropped sharply in London amid a massive sell off. The only thing that has dropped this low in England is the play of their national soccer team after 1966.

Shakira was in South Africa visiting an elementary school when the students showed her how to do a Zulu dance. Not to be outdone, BP executives sent a representative there as well to show Shakira how to dance around questions.

As a result of the recall, McDonalds is offering to pay $3.00 for each "Shrek" glass eventhough its market value is only $2.50. They got that idea from the Federal Reserve.

Salma Hayek freaked out when a snake unexpectedly appeared on a set during a press junket. She calmed down after she was told it was only Rod Blagojevich trying to sell her something.

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  1. apparently suze's appendix suffered from heat exhaustion under her flashy jacket