Tuesday, June 1, 2010


A woman is suing Google after she used Google Maps and was struck by a car. She's also suing Facebook because none of her friends told her to look up while walking.

On the Oprah Show, Sarah "Fergie" Ferguson told Oprah that she was drinking when she was caught on tape trying to sell access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew. Upon hearing this, Mel Gibson said,"you see, people react differently on alcohol. I become an anti semite, and she happens to accept bribes."

Celine Dion is pregnant and expecting twins. Either that or the two almonds she had all of last week is causing her serious indigestion.

Lindsey Lohan turned to twitter asking Chanel to help glam up her new court-mandated alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet so that she can accessorize. She's also requesting that Dolce & Gabbana design a new crack pipe.

Japan's Prime Minister is facing pressure to resign after reversing his stance and allowing the U.S to have an air base off Okinawa. I think they're turning Japanese. I think they're turning Japanese. I really think so.

Ford, Mazda are recalling 236,643 "Focus"cars after their Chinese joint venture had faulty software causing engine failure. They will rename that car "Irony".

BP's attempt at covering the leak by drilling mud into the well has been a failure. However the same footage was the winner on ABC 's "America's Funniest Home Videos."


  1. Wow. There are some stupid people out there, aren't they--in response to that google maps thing.

  2. Yeah, it reminds me of a lady that sued Mc. Donalds because she spilled coffee on herself. She said the coffee was too hot!