Tuesday, June 8, 2010


President Obama has finally expressed his anger over the oil spill. He said he was going to find out "whose ass to kick" Then the teleprompter instructed him to do a karate kick and make an angry face.

The price of US gold hit a record high on Euro zone credit fears. This is good news for rappers who will be able to retire rich by selling their teeth.

Another arrest warrant has been issued on Lindsey Lohan after her alcohol -monitoring bracelet was triggered as she attended the MTV after party. Witnesses at the party described the bracelet exploding into a mushroom cloud.

A study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry found that exposure to second hand smoke is associated with psychological distress. Probably because the passive smoker has to repress the urge to yell, "Turn it off!".

A new study suggests that short people are at greater risk for heart disease than taller people. This fall, Bravo will air a new reality series that will explore this topic: Little People Big Heart attack.


  1. There was probably enough second hand marijuana smoke floating around the MTV Movie Awards that they would all fail a drug test today.

    Good stuff man!

  2. Thanx Jay. Come back again. We will leave the lights on for you.