Monday, June 14, 2010



Here is a World Cup tutorial for Americans that don't follow soccer. Soccer is like hockey minus the ice,stick, and puck. The score will always be 0-0 at the half. If a player gets touched on a play, he must fall to the ground, grag his leg, and act like he got hit by a truck. Only Europeans and South Americans can win the World Cup. If you can pronounce the player's name, he sucks. When asked,"who do you think will win?, it is ALWAYS safe to say Brazil has a good chance of winning it. Never ask, what are the lyrics to that Ole Ole song? if you hear goooool !, take cover, there will be a riot.

EU officials are putting pressure on Israel to ease the Gaza blockade. Question: If imported roosters are prevented from being delivered, would that make Israel a cock blocker?

117 people died in Kyrgyzstan after ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbek groups clashed. The Kyrgyz and the Uzbek need to make peace. This is easier done that said.

BP estimates that the oil spill cost to be about $1.6 billion. BP executives are asking China to help pay for the spill by collecting $1 dollar from each of its citizens.

In China, many of the Honda strikers returned to work after the company raised the workers' wages 11 percent and their food and housing allowance 33 percent. This agreement is known as the Honda Accord.


  1. "If you can pronounce the player's name, he sucks."

    Haha .. That one really did make me LOL. Good stuff!

  2. As I was about to say.. heh heh. Good one for sure!