Monday, June 28, 2010


A UK woman is claiming to be carrying Landon Donovan's "love child" proving once again that even when he scores, he still loses.

Protests erupted in Toronto Canada to protest the G-20 meetings . It was a chaotic scene as cars were flipped, and set on fire. Things got so bad that they had to send in the G-Unit.

The Gulf of Mexico's "Alex"has strengthened back into a tropical storm. It had weakend into a depression this weekend after learning that Argentina had beaten Mexico 3-1.

A split US Supreme Court ruled that the constitutional right to bear arms binds states and cities, as well as the federal government. In related news, Dick Cheney was discharged from a Washington hospital.

A woman in Florida was awarded $8 million dollars in compensation after suing Merck when the drug Fosamax damaged her jaw. In an interview after the verdict was read, she said, well it was unclear what she said.


  1. Ha! The jaw one is so good, and I didn't even hear about the news story.

    Get back on stage, fool.

  2. Thanx. I need to. I'll provide the link next.


    link for the story.

  4. Ha ha I worked on the Fosamax account a while back. G-Unit, classic! Too funny!

    Hey, noticed you dig The Pixies, I kinda wish I could see them they're touring. Haven't seen them in a long time.

  5. I saw the Pixies in Hollywood a few months ago.

  6. That Donovan joke is gold. GOLD.

  7. I like the tropical storm one...nice.