Friday, June 11, 2010


A man in Florida has been found guilty of Stalking Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson. She spotted him and was able to escape by doing a double front air flip.

Trying to motivate the Democrats, Ex-President Bill Clinton told them never give up. He should know, everyone gave it up to him.

A new documentary on Joan Rivers will play this Friday through IFC Films. Footage of this documentary will also be used by National Geographics to examine mummies.

It has been reported that Amy Winehouse has been taking acting lessons and wants to be an actress. Her most challenging role will be playing a clean,sober, girl.

In the 17 months since being President Obama has aggressively pursued and prosecuted more people than even President Bush when they leaked confidential information to the media. Now, if only he was that agressive for those that leak oil.

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