Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Federal agents have arrested Faisal Shahzad in connection to the failed Times Square bomb case. New York City workers are concerned as they will now be short one taxi driver.

The bomb plot suspect,Faisal Shahzad was arrested in JFK airport after trying to board a flight to Dubai. Instead, he will take a long trip to Buh bye.

The oil spill off the coast of Mexico is causing the price of sea food to go up. The good news is that eating sea food from the affected region will protect you against viscosity breakdown.

CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has abruptly reversed his support for offshore drilling. He said it sounded like a good idea but given the latest spill, the risk does not outweigh the benefit. These words rang so true to Tiger Woods and Jesse James.

Mexicans in Arizona are getting ready to celebrate “Cinco de Mayo” by whacking piƱatas in the shape of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer.

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