Thursday, May 20, 2010


A research study by the University of Alabama hasf ound that men over 40 who take Viagra are twice as likely to report hearing loss. In a related study, wives of men taking Viagra have become experts in saying"not again" in sign language.

At the Obama state dinner honoring Mexico, Arturo Valenzuela, an assistant secretary of State, was turned away because he had forgotten to bring his I.D. In that instant, Obama was enlightened.

Scientist in Maryland and California were able to turn inanimate chemicals into a living organism. They are working on their next project: Turning water to wine.

In China , Ma Yaohai was sentenced to 3 1/2 years for being a member of a club that practiced group sex and partner swaping. Neighbors became suspicious when they kept hearing what appeared to be Bruce Lee fight scenes every night.

On Thursday the Senate passed a financial bill that would put tougher restrictions on Wall Street. This will change our free market system from "the invisible hand theory" to "let me see what's in your hand theory."

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