Thursday, May 27, 2010


I'm tired of BP adding the word "top" to give the illusion that they're compent. First they gave us the "Top Hat." Now they're doing the "Top Kill." Next, they will turn to their main man in charge of the spill; Carrot Top.

President Obama is scheduled to announce suspending Artic drilling. This is bad news for Palin's husband who was planning a romantic weekend.

In a strange coincidence,Sean Rodriguez from the Tampa Bay rays was stung by an actual ray in the beach and needed to get asistance from a paramedic. Thank God he he doesn't play for the Padres.

Arizona claims that it is not targeting only Hispanics but all illegal immigrants. Then why are they proposing another law that will make a crime to have a last name that ends in "EZ"?

The FDA has issued a warning for patients that are taking heartburn drugs like Nexium and Prilosec for more than a year. Side effects include an increase risk of hip,wrist, and spine fractures. Patients are instructed go and talk to their doctors, that is ,if they are stil able to walk.

Country legend Willie Nelson cut his long pigtails. That means that Suave Shampoo just lost 20% of its revenue.

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